What is AgriDAX?

AgriDAX is a system for planning, execution control, cost and agricultural activities. This operational monitoring and financial system has been developed to work on the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, and provides a simple and efficient control of executional accounting of agricultural activities and everything related to the agricultural work.

Its integration with the master planning module enables precise and fine control for the supply of direct and indirect inputs and the elaboration of a financial, quantitative, fast and exact material budget.



ERP: Software solution that integrates the fundamental administrative modules of enterprises as accounting, purchasing, sales, finance, inventory, production, and more.


Agricultural Applications

AgriDAX flexibility and ease of use, allows it to quickly adapt to any type of crop and region, up till now, it has been successfully implemented in pineapple, coffee, lemon, mangosteen, avocado, african palm, macadamia, banana, rubber bamboo, asparagus and sugar cane, and it can even be adopted by the shrimp and tilapia industry.

Periodic Activities

Easily apply agricultural plans related to the different stages and situations of the crops. Quantitative estimates and valued in different periods of time, direct control of inventory stocks and outstanding shopping suggestions for efficient acquisition of direct and indirect supplies, including labor.

AgriDAX is based on 3 pillars

  • Setting the size of area (e.g. farms, lots and sub-lots) on which agricultural activities will be implemented to control.
  • Sequences of agricultural activities, personalized per user, according to their knowledge of the region and / crops to administrate.
  • Activity Plan that integrates point a and b, follow up of the activities and relevant accounting records.


Different type of reports to further optimize and control agricultural activities, upcoming events, delayed activities, costs for activities and more.


This area has several data forms, from which the system will establish, in a transparent way for the users, different values and actions to follow in a fast way. Define costs groups, segmentation, crops, controlled inventory items, etc.


The seamless integration of AgriDAX with Microsoft Dynamics AX, enables to manage:

  • Records and inventory adjustments
  • Easy management of financial information and payroll Read More >>
  • Distribution and Chain Supply
  • Production, quality control and planning requirements
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Strategic planning
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